Friday, February 17, 2006

So Close

At least two dogs ended up on campus this morning, across a major four lane highway from any possible origin. (I HATE when this happens, and unfortunately it happens several times a year.) One followed its person, and the other was rescued from almost being hit by a car in the neighborhood. Neither dog had a collar or ID. The first dog got walked back home by the reluctant student. The second was cradled into my room by the 7th grade girls who scooped her up and didn't know what else to do with her. I bundled her into a blanket to warm her up and immediately fell in love. I wanted her desperately. Here are some of the reasons we CANNOT have a dog:
1. We have two cats. Simon would welcome a dog, as he is very big on charity and likes other animals. Ivy would sulk, mope, and become a clinically depressed recluse (already she is not wild about Simon, and I feel we owe her some respect regarding adding even more beasts to the mix).
2. We have no yard.
3. Yesterday, we were not at home from 6:40 am to after 9pm. That is not a dog-friendly lifestyle.
I can easily forget these very good reasons when presented with a dog in need of a good home. I called d and asked him to come get the dog and keep her for the day, and if he didn't find a home for the dog on his campus, we could KEEP HER! Miraculously, he said yes. Then, a few minutes later, still wobbling between love and reason, I asked my student teacher, Frank, if he wanted the dog. (By now, first period had begun and the dog was circling the room, getting hugged, cradled, and fought over by almost every student in the room.) It is probably good that Frank said yes. My proof is that Frank's retired father never lets dogs in the house, but within moments of meeting the dog, whose name is now Harley, Frank's dad had her up on the bed with him. Harley likes her new home, and Frank's other dog seems to be welcoming her warmly. I am happy for Harley, and SOOOO SAD for me. . . .

I have done no Olympic knitting all week. But I am at the start of another three day weekend, and it is rainy outside—the perfect mix for knitting. I expect to post photos of the completed first stocking and start of second stocking by Sunday.


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