Friday, February 03, 2006


I have a great job. Others may complain about how little teachers earn, or how difficult the job is, or how people dis us. Please! I work exactly HALF THE YEAR. I call the shots, get to introduce all my favorite stories to a new generation of readers, and get to be creative every single day. And while I am at work, I get to spend time with roughly 150 of the most funny, observant, interesting, appreciative, and promising people you could ever hope to meet. They listen to what I say. They laugh at my jokes most of the time. They teach me their hand shakes. They act amazed when I tell them little bits of trivia, like that the Baltimore Ravens were named after Edgar Allan Poe's poem because he is buried there, and that the team mascots are three ravens named Edgar, Allan, and Poe. Don't get me wrong. I could definitely find ways to use more money. And I think what I do is nothing short of miraculous. But all told, my job is cake.

And yet, this time of year I really love my weekends.


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