Monday, February 13, 2006

So Far, So Good

I really wanted to have the rest of the foot and the toe done before going back to work tomorrow, but I'm done knitting for the night. There were 23 more rows attached, but I just frogged them because I didn't like the rate of decrease and the PATTERN didn't actually specify where the decrease should begin. So I am going to try my second guess at where the decrease would look the best. But that will be tomorrow, or the next day. It may sound like I am frustrated, but I am not. I think I wll absolutely be able to knit two of these babies by the end of the Olympics.

I have learned so much through taking on this challenge:
1. Try new things more often. As it turns out, new is fun.
2. In knitting, the learning curve is very fast. Once I figure out a pattern direction, I will always know how to do it.
3. Cursing at the pattern or its author doesn't help me figure things out faster.
4. Rereading the pattern several times does.
5. If I cannot immediately grasp the meaning of the pattern, that doesn't automatically mean there is an error in the pattern. I should not, say, google errata for the pattern on which I am working as a first response. It may be that the pattern is correct and actually readabe. It could be me.
6. When in doubt, knit it the way you think the pattern implies. If it doesn't look right, I can always rip it out and have another go.
7. Reknitting the same section takes far less time the second time through.
8. Knitting chart symbols look very similar. It is possible to think they all mean the same thing. They do not.
9. In a pattern with conspicuous cables, a section knitted incorrectly is not "not that noticeable."
10. Frogging 27 rows to correct a chart misread is worth it.
11. It would be really useful for pattern writers to specify where the foot decreases should begin. Could save me hours of trial and error.
12. Mohair sticks to furniture and clothing even more than cat hair. Darn those mos.


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