Sunday, January 29, 2006

Go Left Go Left Go Left Right Left

What have I done?

I just reread the pattern for the Aran Stocking I have said that I will do for Knitting Olympics. Divide for Heel. ? Wrp-t. ?? What was I thinking? I can knit. I can purl. I think I get the basic concept of cables. I can count and hold two pieces of yarn together and I KNOW I CAN FIGURE THIS OUT. It's on size 13 needles, for God's sake. How could I possibly not figure it out and finish it in 16 days?

But this morning, I reread the pattern and now I am freaking out just a little bit. I do not know how to wrap. What the heck. What can I do?

More to the point, What Would Michael Phelps Do? (Because I feel I must, in the spirit of competition, channel the wisdom of Olympians who have triumphed before me. ) Of course. He would slump his perfect body into a chair beside a shimmering blue pool, position his earbuds into his ears, and blast Eminem singing "Till I Collapse" over and over on his iPod until Ian Thorpe became like a distant memory in his peripheral vision. AHA! So, aside from the perfect sculpted torso, luscious arms, and long powerful legs, and aside from any memory of sharing a pool of blue water with Ian Thorpe, it's quite similar, no? Shady and me. Go Left Right Left.


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