Saturday, January 28, 2006


Watch for me on the podium. I have just become a major contender for the gold in the Knitting Olympics . On February 10, during the opening ceremonies, I will cast on the Aran Stocking from Handknit Holidays, and it will be done by February 26, when the flame is extinguished.


Blogger Janola said...

WTG, Marcy! Wow, what a dream.... I didn't even know there was a Knitting Olympics. You've definitely inspired me. Maybe I'll join ya' and finally knit a pattern from my sock book or Stitch n' Bitch book. :)

9:14 PM  
Blogger amiamazing said...

ah ha...thats an set knitting goals for myself...I have all of these uncompleted inspired me to make calendars of completion for each...

9:46 AM  

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