Saturday, March 11, 2006

Not Square and Flat

This is going to be for Itati, born February 22 at 4:19 p.m., whose dad surfs with d. It's from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, which is highly appropriate given that she is becoming less and less of a newborn every moment. I was knitting her a blanket, but since the Olympics, I just can't make myself finish it. Plus I had to attend a training this week and needed a project to take along JUST IN CASE. Good thing I had it since it was my least favorite kind of training, the kind that would be exceptionally valuable if I could not read tables of contents in the textbooks I've been using for the past four years and needed someone to ask me to turn to sections of the books so I could hear the titles and headings read aloud by someone else. I feel so much more willing to play the part of happy-teacher-who-cannot-read-and-has-not-toured-the-four-year-old-program-yet-and-also-has-no-natural-intelligence if I can knit while nodding and smiling and making excellent eye contact at all the right times. So the sweater is coming right along, in no small part because of the splurge I made on these ADDI Turbo needles that really do make me knit faster and don't feel crappy and also don't clack while I knit. I have no idea what happens to the sweater after I have knit the body, and GUESS WHAT? I'm not freaked out by that in the slightest. I now know that knitting patterns are not implements of medieval torture and that I will be able to figure out how to read the pattern when I get there.


Blogger amiamazing said...

yes...I like the comment about reading knitting patterns...I just got into them, however my prior refusal to read them has taught me how to figure things out on my reading them are a piece of cake...its fun to look up knitting abbreviations...I feel like I'm breaking a code...

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