Sunday, February 26, 2006

Oh Say Can You See

DONE!! I took this pic this morning. There they are, blocking on my desk. Without the challenge of Knitting Olympics, I would have probably not attempted these for months. Then it would have seemed too late to do for Christmas, so I would have put it on hold for even longer. I am excited about these stockings for several reasons. The main one, the biggest one, is that I have no pattern fear anymore. None. Today, I was leafing through a knitting book for a new project and came across M1P. I know what that means now! Even if I didn't, I would feel confident that I could figure it out. I medalled in the Knitting Olympics, and did so without running into the yarn store for coaching like I thought I would. After this, it may be a long time before I knit something square and flat. I'm hooked on newness for now.

My favorite Olympic moment: Apolo Anton Ohno winning gold in the 500 last night.
(NBC photo)


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