Saturday, July 22, 2006

I'm Buying a Lottery Ticket Today

I really dislike my car. Hate is too strong a word, because it's a safe car, has leather interior that looks new, and has a stereo that plays my iPod. But dislike seems weak, seems unable to exactly nail how much I would love a newer car. This is why:

1. I have spent over $3000 in the past month just to keep the car from spontaneously combusting. Brakes, axle, hoses, radiator issues, etc. But here's the catch—it still overheats if I am within two blocks of the car and the merest idea of air conditioning enters my thoughts. I can even think of a cooler month of the year while the heat is on in the car, and it will overheat.
2. It has logged 149,631 miles in its eleven years of life. What the mileage hasn't ruined, the last 11 years have. If it isn't one thing (overheating), it's another (spindles, exhaust manifold, etc.). It's theoretically a good idea to not have to make car payments, but at least with car payments, I would know how much transportation is going to cost each month. The way things are now, I never really know if I will be spending a few hundred or a few thousand.
3. This is the one child-friendly, practical car we own. D's car is new and sporty and fun, but with two doors, no storage space, and no automatic anything, it's not exactly child-friendly. My car is the one that will be needed for the safekeeping and reliable chauffeuring of our babies. Did ya hear the frustration and sarcasm oozing from that word reliable in the last sentence? Sticky with frustration.

I'm going to go do some deep breathing, and since my car is uncharacteristically home from the shop, I will try hard not to think cool thoughts.


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