Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Check-up #1

This morning was my post-op check-up.

I had been so impressed with my surgeon, with his speed, his economy with sedation, with the way I had been able to return to school last Thursday morning right after surgery and sign yearbooks, have that talk with a few of my girls, attend graduation...

Then there was this morning. See, I didn't know the pins were sticking OUT. I didn't know my tendon was going to get stuck and that he would have to pry my little finger into a bent position at the distal knuckle. If I had known that, and if I had known I'd get a fresh script for Vicodin out of the deal, I would have taken more than half a Vicodin before the appointment.

I'm supposed to take the splint off and bend the top two knuckles as much as possible for twenty minutes four times a day. Which gives me something to look forward to, since by tonight's session the tendon had become stuck again and I had to force it unstuck to get the whole process going.

That's one pin coming out of the finger with the little yellow stopper, and another much thicker pin jutting out of the new hole on the side of my hand.

I was feeling kind of sorry for myself, what with the barbaric pins, sitting in the physical therapy office while a nice lady hand-crafted this fashionable plastic splint for me.

But then I walked out through the waiting room and saw this young beautiful college age girl with no hand, just gauze on her wrist where her hand should have been. Put things into perspective real quickly.


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