Monday, June 26, 2006


1. We are not going to have to pay $5944 and change for my finger surgery even though Blue Cross wrote me a lovely letter last week saying that, no, my surgery wasn't covered. All those crying jags were for nothing, because Blue Cross was wrong. They're sorry. Go ahead and shred that letter, they said. Everything is covered.

2. My doc was pleased with my finger mobility. No violent wrenching of the finger today.

3. All my stitches are out, and I've been cleared to shower without a bag covering my hand.

4. I'm also cleared to drive.

5. He said I'm okay to shoot pool, too.

6. Being in the doc's office today, seeing all the signed photos from major athletes on the walls, knowing from other doctors' recommendations that this practice and my doctor are the best in the region, I felt grateful to be in such skilled care, and to have the medical insurance necessary to cover all that goes into fixing such a random, seemingly small accident.

7. I found some great moisture wicking sock liners that I cut up to use as splint liners at the gym. Brilliant!

In other (non-finger) news,
8. The Dodgers beat the Pirates at the game we went to yesterday. Being at a ballpark always feels like summer to me. It's not Chili Davis and the Angels, but I love catching some games in the summer.

9. Tomorrow is the first day of the five-week summer institute I'm doing for writing and writing instruction. Everyone who has been has loved it, and even though I'm not feeling like doing anything besides sleeping in and hanging out with d tomorrow, I truly am grateful that I'm doing writing project this summer.

10. I'm not going to be in debt 6 G's for my surgery! I realize that's a bit of finger-related news in the non-finger section, but I'm just so relieved, and so very grateful.


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