Thursday, June 15, 2006


One minute, I was listening to the Proper Dos vato version of Rapper's Delight on my iPod waiting for the nurse to finish prepping me for surgery, and the next thing I knew someone was saying, "You're all done." Thankfully, I did not wake up to bigger boobs like on Dr. 90210, because that's not quite my style. But I do have two foreign objects in my body, as evidenced by the x-ray pix.

I asked for a local anesthetic when I got to the surgery center. I have mild mitral valve prolapse, and while the EKG I had earlier this week looked okay, I'm a pussy. The anesthesiologist agreed to the lightest possible sedation, but said they couldn't do this procedure with a local because I wouldn't be able to tolerate the tourniquet. I stopped asking questions at that point, because I realized that there are some things I really don't want to know.

I just have to say, there is nothing like a large chocolate shake from McDonald's and a Vicodin to set you right after body piercing.


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