Friday, January 20, 2006


When I think we might have kids someday, these are some reasons why:

1. People like this who make the experience seem like a fascinating adventure, who have an adorable child, have retained their identity, their marriage, their pet, their wit, and their optimism.

2. Pat Wolfe, and the books on her bibliography. The brain is endlessly interesting. Two of the most active developmental stages in brain growth are prenatal and the terrible twos. So much is happening in young children's brains. We could really change the world with intentional early childhood care and attention.

3. At school every single day, one or more of my students does something that is absolutely remarkable and endearing. They then take themselves home to adults I hope notice and appreciate them. They are completely wonderful.

4. There are so many kids who could really use a good home, even if it is a small home with busy parents.


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