Thursday, February 22, 2007

What Went Right

Thursday, February 22, 2007.

• We woke up and it was raining. Rain is my favorite weather.
• Noah's had exactly the bagels we wanted, asiago and whole wheat sesame.
• The employees completed our order quickly and without errors.
• The bagels were magnificent, in a way that only combined warm carbs and saturated fats can be.
• We didn't have to go to work because we called in sick to take a water safety class for foster care.
• The water safety instructor was the same lady from CPR, and she is fascinatingly eccentric.
• They didn't care that I couldn't find my CPR card.
• During the training, we got a call from our foster agency about a placement (that means they offered us a kid).
• We got to sit through the rest of training all tingly with anticipation: would we say yes or no? If we said yes, our lives would change instantly, and we've been longing for this. If we said yes, what items would we need to get right away?
• After getting more information, we said no. And we felt solid and assured about our answer.
• I was exhausted. But I wasn't at work, so I got to take a nap.
• It kept raining all day. And I love the rain.
• We toured Costco. I love Costco field trips!
• Barnes & Noble had just the book I was looking for.
• I got to spend an entire day with my husband during the work week.
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