Sunday, January 07, 2007

Tips From Friday Night

Only certain songs can be respectably sung at the karaoke bar. Love songs to people in the room are painful at best. Stay away from professing undying affection loudly and off key midst people you do not know well enough even after many drinks. You are here to bare your debatable talent, not your heart. Sticking with upbeat and familiar is always safe, and we will thank you. Maybe even applaud. If you must dip into the world of sappy, here are a few suggestions that will keep your date from crawling under the table and make the crowd happy enough to sing along:
1. Almost anything by Air Supply.
2. At This Moment by Billy Vera & the Beaters
3. Purple Rain by Prince
4. Can You Feel The Love Tonight by Elton John (or any other Disney cartoon love song)
5. Lost in Your Eyes by Debbie Gibson
6. All I Need by Jack Wagner
7. Magic by Olivia Newton-John
8. Arthur's Theme by Christopher Cross


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