Friday, December 22, 2006

So I Finally Bit the Bullet

I hit the mall today, early enough to beat most of the crowds, and put a major dent in my Christmas shopping. I would mention what I found, how I came upon inspiration and how I vascilated at certain points. How employees hired for holidays aren't, shall we say, the most helpful? I would say that I did not buy my husband designer jeans for Christmas, because I saw a guy today in $150 jeans and realized I'm not sure men should care that much what their butts look like. I would disclose that The Sharper Image? I pretty much don't get any of the products in that store. Except the massage chairs. Those are cool. I would tell you the contents of the bags I concealed carefully in my decoy bag, but my man reads my blog. And that would just spoil the surprise.

It feels more like Christmas. Maybe it's having a few red paper wrapped packages under the tree and watching my husband shake them, trying to figure out what's what (he has no clue). Maybe it's getting more sleep since it's now vacation. Maybe it's that there is more natural light now that the days are getting longer again. Maybe it's that I was hearing about the blizzard in Colorado that gave my Southern California mom a raging case of cabin fever (she's home now, lucky enough to have caught one of the first flights out). Maybe it's my new addiction to the Grilled Veggie burrito from Baja Fresh. Whatever it is, finally it feels very close to Christmas.


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