Saturday, November 25, 2006

More on Thanksgiving

Things I am feeling grateful for:
1. Family. They may not be exactly who I would have selected if I were in on the family-selecting process, but for better or worse, they are the ones who contribute to who I am. And as families go, they are better than a lot I've heard about.
2. My husband rocks. He made it through a long car trip with my mom and me talking about school pretty much nonstop. He, too, found the illuminated electric wall "art" depicting Waikiki beach with sounds of waves and sea gulls hanging over his parents fireplace amusing. He fed the stray cat who ran in(about 8 times) during the Thanksgiving party, then managed to talk his parents into letting it sleep in the garage. He also convinced them to put a cat door into the garage so the stray would continue to have a warmer place to sleep and access to food and water.
3. Christmas. Christmas decorations, Christmas music, Christmas greenery, Christmas food. Did I mention Christmas music? Just downloaded Sarah McLachlan's Wintersong, which you will like if you like anything else she does, meaning there are no surprises, just mellow melodic holiday music.
4. Fake Christmas trees. I'm sorry, I know. But I have a fear of fire, and I love having the tree up already.
5. Starbucks. Specifically, holiday drinks at Starbucks. Peppermint Mocha. Caramel Apple Cider.
6. Knitting. Passing knitting on. I taught D's 21-year-old cousin how to knit last night. We ran out to Jo Ann's minutes before it closed and found some respectable, Italian, variegated pink and salmon wool and 10.5 bamboo straights. Hurrah for quiet little addictions. . .
7. Colder weather finally. At last, when the weather channel site shows me the ten day local forecast, I see a string of days with highs in the 60's, and a chance of rain.
8. Lazy Saturdays. I just finished breakfast and haven't left the house yet.
9. Magic cookie bars .


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