Sunday, September 17, 2006

Things I'm Hating About the Dodgers

1. They aren't in the lead anymore.
2. That's because they have lost to the Padres twice in a row.
4. With sold out crowds of supportive fans.
5. Russell Martin hit a home run today,
6. When I wasn't there,
7. As opposed to last night when I was there but
8. When he didn't even play for the entire game.
9. Garlic fries. They feel so good at the time, but the guilt that ensues. . .
10. Games I would love to attend this week directly coincide with my foster parent training sessions, and even though I love the Dodgers a little and Russell Martin a lot, I would love to have a foster kid even more.
11. It's not the Dodgers fault, but I hate that I don't already have a little kid to dress in full-on Dodger gear, because nothing in the world is quite so adorable.
12. Finally, I'm hating that I'm not holding tickets for another game. I must go again before the season is over.


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