Thursday, December 22, 2005

Venti Nonfat Latte 2 Splendas

This was the last day of school before vacation. We put a respectable dent in one of several Starbuck’s gift cards received today, and drove to Carp and back just to watch the massive waves and the fog roll in.

The BEST holiday gifts I (or teachers I know) have ever been given:
1. A card that says something nice.
2. A Starbucks gift certificate.
3. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is good, too.
4. So is Peet’s.
5. Basically, any gift certificate for edibles, even if not caffeine related.
6. A Red Currant Votivo candle.
7. Travel size aromatherapy lotion from Bath and Body Works—great to keep in desk drawers.
8. Funky magnets for white boards and file cabinets.


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